Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Talks About Love

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Talks About Love For Fans, Friendship With Members, And More

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin graces the cover of Elle Korea’s May issue!

During a recent pictorial and interview with the magazine, Hyunjin never lost his concentration and dedicated himself fully to the work, drawing admiration from the staff on site.

With the group’s fourth official fan meeting “SKZ’S MAGIC SCHOOL” completed in March in Seoul, he shared, “During the preparation for the fan meeting, I felt like I was practicing for our fans. And that same energy carries over to today’s photo shoot. It felt like I was not alone but with STAYs, which motivated me to work hard.”

Hyunjin also commented on the group’s recent outstanding achievements, stating, “I believe that the processes and efforts behind the scenes are more important and that outcomes will follow naturally.” He went on to say, “I don’t want to be satisfied yet; I want to achieve more. Since we’ve come this far thanks to the love of our fans, it would be the most shameful if our skills don’t match up to that.”

When asked about the value he believes is most important, Hyunjin answered “friendship,” saying, “At some point, I began to think that friendship is truly a deep emotion. We’re in our seventh year since our debut, but the members still have a special affection for the team. I think there’s nothing to be afraid of in the future if this friendship becomes my strong support system.”

The full pictorial and interview will be available in the magazine’s May issue!

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