Chungha Is Going Viral For The

Chungha Is Going Viral For The Way She Addressed Sam Smith In Recent Interview

She expressed her desire to work with Sam Smith.

K-Pop star Chungha is making headlines not just for her most recent comeback but also for the respectful manner in which she addressed British singer Sam Smith during a recent interview.

| @chungha_official/Instagram

When asked about potential collaborations, Chungha expressed her desire to work with Sam Smith. And while the confession of her idol in itself was sweet, Chungha’s careful use of Smith’s preferred pronouns, they/them, has resonated with fans and international netizens alike — especially those within the LGBT+ community.

I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Sam Smith….I love what they do and what they try to embrace in so many artistic ways.

— Chungha about Sam Smith

Sam Smith, known for hits like “Stay With Me” and “Too Good at Goodbyes,” came out as non-binary in 2019 and announced they would be using they/them pronouns. Non-binary individuals do not exclusively identify as male or female and may experience their gender identity as falling outside these traditional categories. Sam’s announcement was a significant moment in popular culture, highlighting ongoing discussions about gender identity and expression.

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Chungha’s acknowledgment of Smith’s identity in such a public forum is particularly notable because it reflects a growing awareness and acceptance of gender diversity in the global entertainment scene, specifically within the K-Pop circle. By using their correct pronouns, Chungha not only showed personal respect towards Smith but also set an example for her audience on the importance of recognizing and affirming people’s self-identified pronouns.

The reaction on social media was overwhelmingly positive, with multiple tweets praising Chungha’s approach going viral. Fans commended her for consistently striving to create a safe and inclusive environment for people of all identities, irrespective of their race, gender, or sexuality. This small gesture added to her reputation as an artist who is not only talented but also empathetic and socially conscious.

Chungha’s actions in the interview point to the potential impact celebrities can have in promoting understanding and acceptance of diverse identities. Her response reminds us of the powerful role that stars like her can play in advancing social issues by choosing to be respectful and informed about the identities of others.


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