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KPOP Meme Coins

KPOP Token Address: ENB3JRfJxiKN3G2a4npp9pJAou CaKqGrt2SzLZgCRSt6
LSFM Token Address: 3TPc2qTL6jLwSmwHE4N1fWg7p BcwwyT3SUy984iUjhxZ

100% LP Burned

0% Tax

100% Mint Revoked

No Presale


How To Trade KPOP Coin

Phantom Wallet

Phantom wallet is a popular chrome extension wallet used with the Solana blockchain.

Acquire SOL

SOL is the native token of Solana. Click below to see where you can acquire SOL.

Withdraw SOL

Withdraw or send SOL to your Phantom Wallet in order to start trading.

Acquire KPOP

You can trade SOL for KPOP on Raydium, an automatic market maker for Solana.

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