ZICO Lights Up “The Seasons” with

ZICO Lights Up “The Seasons” with Unique Flair

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In a thrilling update for music aficionados, KBS’s late-night music talk show “The Seasons” is set to make a grand return on April 26, this time with the hip-hop musician and producer ZICO adding his distinctive touch to the series. “The Seasons,” known for introducing a seasonal format to KBS’s late-night music programming, has previously featured diverse musicians as hosts, including Park Jae-beom, Choi Jung-hoon, AKMU, and Lee HyoRi, each bringing their unique charm to the stage with a mix of vibrant performances and engaging stories.

The anticipation among fans has been building since March when KBS announced ZICO as the host for the upcoming season, leaving many wondering what the theme would be. The curiosity was finally satisfied on April 16, when a poster and the title for the new season, “ZICO’s Artist,” were unveiled on social media, signaling the start of an exciting new chapter.

The title “Artist,” borrowed from ZICO’s hit song from his second mini-album released in 2017, encapsulates his unparalleled individuality and self-producing talent. The song, which has cemented ZICO’s position as a solo musician, promises a music party where musicians, the audience, and viewers can all become “artists” on Friday nights.

ZICO, a trendsetter known for his constant innovation, played a pivotal role in sparking a challenge craze across South Korea with his hit “Any Song.” With a repertoire of catchy tunes like “Okey Dokey,” “Boys And Girls,” “I Am You, You Are Me,” “Artist,” and “Bermuda Triangle,” that effortlessly inspire sing-alongs, there’s keen interest in the energy he will bring to “The Seasons.” His 13 years of experience have not only given him a deep understanding of various music genres but also the ability to communicate and create chemistry with other artists.

The first recording of “The Seasons – ZICO’s Artist” is scheduled for April 23, promising a standing special that has fans eagerly awaiting what’s in store. As ZICO prepares to fill the season with his unique flair, the music community is buzzing with excitement for the fresh wave of creativity and collaboration this new season will usher in. Stay tuned for an unforgettable musical journey that will redefine Friday nights.

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