Parc Jae Jung Announces Enlistment Date

Parc Jae Jung Announces Enlistment Date + New Song Release

Parc Jae Jung will be enlisting in the military next month.

On April 18, Parc Jae Jung announced through his personal Instagram that he would be enlisting on May 21. Additionally, he revealed plans for a new song titled “Did Something Happen?” (literal title) to be released on May 9 before his military service.

This is Park Jae Jung. I’m writing this post because I think some of you might be curious about how I’m doing. To be honest, I anticipated my enlistment date to be a bit earlier, so I’ve been wrapping up all my activities and awaiting my enlistment notice. However, I recently received the notice, and the date is a bit later than expected. I will enlist on May 21, 2024.

Since I have more time than anticipated, I thought it would be nice to share at least one song before I go so I’m planning to release a song I had been working on. It’s a song called ‘Did Something Happen?’ I’m planning to release it on May 9. I would appreciate it if you look forward to it. I originally planned to release ‘Preparation’ [literal title] before enlistment, but it’s not easy to finish it to my satisfaction before that, so I’ll try to release it later in the future.

While I used to coolly suggest that you should find solace in other singers’ songs during my absence, it seems my desire to be remembered as a singer who will not be forgotten and who leaves memorable songs is also big. I hope you will continue to remember my music.

During my break, I tried to recover my voice and compose some songs, and I also spent some time in my own way.

On a personal note, April 10 was my father’s birthday. I sincerely expressed gratitude to my parents for allowing me to experience and live in this world.

If there’s an opportunity for me to perform before my enlistment, I will prioritize it. While there are many more things I wish to convey, I’m always awkward in expressing myself, and there’s always a mixture of gratitude and apology to my fans. So I just want to sincerely say thank you and I love you all. Please always stay healthy.


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