Multiple SEVENTEEN Members Wear Skirts In

Multiple SEVENTEEN Members Wear Skirts In New Concept Photos — Breaking Gender Stereotypes

“This is peak concept to me…”

Although Korea is known for its traditional views on gender, K-pop has been the bridge between that, with many idols breaking down stereotypes, especially when it comes to fashion. In particular, many male idols have been spotted wearing looks through promotions without any thoughts about which gender they are for.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa
TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members

Recently, SEVENTEEN has been gearing up for its comeback at the end of the month. It gained praise after multiple members were spotted wearing skirts in the comeback teasers.

In the past, many of the members have gained attention for hitting back at gender stereotypes with their fashion in their schedules.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | Dazed Korea
SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups | Marie Claire Korea

On April 18 (KST), SEVENTEEN dropped the latest teasers for their album.

While all the photos stood out because they saw the members going back to iconic songs and concepts they’ve done in the past, four stood out after they were spotted wearing skirts. When it came to “God of Music,” The8 looked ethereal in his photos, and netizens saw the idol teaming a suit combination and jacket with a skirt overlay.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Jeonghan was showcasing “SUPER,” and along with a suit and varsity jacket combination, he was wearing a skirt that matched the more casual vibes of the outfit.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Mingyu and Jun also shone in their concept photos, using bold colors and imagery to showcase their journey from debuting until now. Mingyu sported a tartan suit but rather than traditional pants, the idol opted for a skirt that matched the pattern and texture of the suit jacket.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @pledis_17/Twitter

Jun went for something more minimalistic, with a skirt that matched the texture of his blazer and all the patterns coming from the statement shirt.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

While not all the pieces were found, one X account managed to find the pieces worn by Jun and Jeonghan.

When the photos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over how good the members looked in the skirts and how differently they were all styled to suit the specific member and the concept they were trying to emulate from their careers.

Netizens love seeing idols go outside gender stereotypes when it comes to outfits, whether male or female.



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