K-Pop Insider: Dr. Kwon YoungChan’s Warm

K-Pop Insider: Dr. Kwon YoungChan’s Warm Touch, Children’s Day Commemoration

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As Children’s Day approaches, there are those who reach out with a warm touch where love is needed. They are none other than Dr. Kwon YoungChan and his colleagues, shining even brighter during this period. Despite his busy days with various broadcast activities and humanities lectures at corporations, Dr. Kwon generously donated 2 million won in cash and goods to the Single-Parent Family Love Association’s “22nd Single-Parent Family Love Association Children’s Day Event” held on May 4th.

This donation is part of Dr. Kwon’s continuous support for the Single-Parent Family Love Association, which he has maintained for 10 years. His steady social contribution activities were also recognized with the Minister of Gender Equality and Family Award in 2023. Dr. Kwon expressed his hope that “the children of single-parent families can have fun running around with their parents and have opportunities to experience various things.”

As an educator, Dr. Kwon YoungChan has been receiving attention for his lectures on the importance of “dining table education” and “education methods for parents” on various broadcasts, including KBS educational documentary programs and EBS. His passion for education, cultivated through long-term teaching experience at universities, continues to be conveyed through broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Hwang EunSook Chairman of the Single-Parent Family Love Association stated that the “22nd Single-Parent Family Love Association Children’s Day Event” will provide an opportunity for single parents and their children to rest in nature, nurture their dreams of hope, and engage in various celebratory activities like dining with parents, recreation, and “dreaming of hope” at Olympic Park.

We hope that the efforts of Dr. Kwon YoungChan and the Single-Parent Family Love Association will serve as a catalyst for improving social awareness and support for single-parent families. We look forward to a brighter future where all members of our society can encourage and support each other with warm interest and support.

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