Netizens Defend LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae As

Netizens Defend LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae As Her Instagram Is Flooded With Malicious Comments Following “Coachella 2024”

“It’s protect minors, until it’s Eunchae.”

Netizens have hit back after LE SSERAFIM Eunchae‘s Instagram was flooded with malicious and toxic comments following the group’s Coachella performance.

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae | @hhh.e_c.v/Instagram

LE SSERAFIM recently performed at Coachella, and while many fans loved their energy and performance, the members came under harsh criticism for their vocals, and Eunchae received a lot of hateful comments.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Sadly, along with on X, it seems like the hateful comments spread to places Eunchae can actively see them, and it’s on her Instagram.

At the end of March, Eunchae posted some photos on her individual account.

While Eunchae looked beautiful in the pictures posted several weeks before the Coachella performance, netizens have noticed a huge rise in toxic and malicious comments towards the young idol following their stage.



The Korean comments were even harsher, not only criticizing Eunchae’s vocals and performance but also linking it to previous comments the idol made about students her age who were studying full-time.






  • But aside from real verbal mistakes, let’s practice vocals… I’d be embarrassed at Coachella… if I can’t sing… You’re a singer, after all… At least you should sing… It really feels like a karaoke room.
  • Don’t you ever think that many of your fans might be hard-working students??? 😆😆😆
  • Hahaha 😆😆😆 I came to see who you are after watching the Coachella live 😆😆😆 Ah, it really made me laugh so hard.
  • You’re really embarrassing our country at Coachella.
  • “Compared to the youngest member of another group, she falls short in both personality and appearance 😆😆 Sakura, Huh Yunjin, and Kim Chaewon are visuals. What about the vocals in LE SSERAFIM… what kind of existence are they?

When the comments were seen, netizens were furious.

It got to the point that along with comments being deleted, there was now a special message popping up for those who wanted to comment.

Fans hated how Eunchae was receiving such awful hate, pointing out that nobody should hear that kind of comment. They also pointed out that Eunchae is still a minor and very young, so hurtful comments would definitely be worse and impact her mental health, which fans explained didn’t seem to matter when it came to Eunchae.

Social media is a great place for fans to interact with idols, but netizens think there should be precautions in place to protect them. In particular, many pointed out how good it was that BTS didn’t allow comments and hoped HYBE might implement it for other idols.

Source: hhh.e_c.v/Instagram


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