Actor Song Wook Kyung is officially

Actor Song Wook Kyung is officially joining the new MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chief Detective 1958,’ as announced by Wells Entertainment on the 17th

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This drama is a prequel to ‘Chief Detective,’ opening a new chapter in Korean investigative dramas, set in 1958 Seoul. It follows detective Park Young Han (played by Lee JeHoon) as he and his unique colleagues fight against corrupt power to become true detectives of the people.

In the drama, Song Wook Kyung takes on the role of Byun Dae Shik, the head of the investigation team 2 at Jongnam Police Station. Portraying a character who collaborates with political thugs to support his large family, he is nicknamed ‘Dung Chief.’ His conflict with the investigation team 1, to which Park Young Han belongs, intensifies the tension in the drama.

Song Wook Kyung has been recognized for his solid acting skills and unique character interpretation through various media. There is growing anticipation for the new facets he will show in ‘Chief Detective 1958’ and how he will capture the hearts of viewers. The drama is scheduled to premiere on the 19th at 9:50 PM, with high expectations for Song Wook Kyung’s transformative performance.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ is expected to open a new chapter in the drama of the past and present, delivering fresh perspectives and messages to the audience. The journey with Song Wook Kyung is anticipated to bring new stories and emotions, heightening expectations for the drama’s future developments.


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