ILLIT Takes 4th Win For “Magnetic”

ILLIT Takes 4th Win For “Magnetic” On “Show Champion”; Performances By ONF, KISS OF LIFE, EPEX, And More

ILLIT has won a fourth music show trophy for their debut track “Magnetic”!

On the April 10 episode of “Show Champion,” the candidates for first place were BABYMONSTER’s “SHEESH,” EPEX’s “Youth2Youth,” ILLIT’s “Magnetic,” ONF’s “Bye My Monster,” and TXT’s “Deja Vu.”

The trophy ultimately went to ILLIT! Watch the winner announcement below:

Performers on today’s show included ILLIT, EPEX, KISS OF LIFE, P1Harmony, Lucas, NOWADAYS, xikers, DRIPPIN, NCHIVE, AMPERS&ONE, RESCENE, Catch The Young, and UNICODE.

Check out their performances below!

ONF – “Bye My Monster”

EPEX – “Breathe in Love” and “Youth2Youth”

KISS OF LIFE – “Midas Touch”

P1Harmony – “Fall In Love Again”

Lucas – “Renegade”


xikers – “Red Sun”

DRIPPIN – “Beautiful MAZE”

NCHIVE – “Racer”

AMPERS&ONE – “Broken Heart”


Catch The Young – “Voyager”

UNICODE – “Let me Love”

Congratulations to ILLIT!


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