NCT Haechan’s Skin Tone Is “Mocked”

NCT Haechan’s Skin Tone Is “Mocked” During A Now-Deleted Fan Call

He handled it very well, however!

NCT‘s Haechan is a talented idol known for his “honey-like” vocals, among other things. Fans also appreciate the idol’s gorgeous visuals, including a part that sets him apart from many K-Pop stars — his tanned skin tone.

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In the past, Haechan’s skin tone has been mentioned in less than positive ways, which has always resulted in an outpour of love and support from fans who love the idol as he is.

NCT’s Haechan Speaks Up About The Beauty Of His Darker Skin

Recently, fans were left uncomfortable by a video call discussing Haechan’s skin tone.

During the video call, a fan mentioned that others criticized her for having darker skin. When Haechan asked and confirmed, she stated that they said she “looks like him.”

Fan: People are always laughing at my dark skin
Haechan: They make fun of you for your skin color?
Fan: They say I look just like you.

Haechan responded that looking like him was not an insult, saying those who mocked her “couldn’t be dark,” with this being interpreted as him saying that they wished they looked like him and the fan.

Haechan: Well, that’s not really making fun of you
Fan: Say something to them
Haechan: Well, you couldn’t be dark.

While Haechan handled this well by telling the fan that darker skin was not something to be ashamed of, fans felt uncomfortable with it being brought up. Many felt it was an indirect way of mocking Haechan by mentioning that others said she looked like him.

Others shared their appreciation for Haechan’s skin tone, mentioning his own admiration in the process.



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