ATEEZ’s Yeosang “Disappoints” With The Truth

ATEEZ’s Yeosang “Disappoints” With The Truth Behind Their “Coachella” Performance

We’re a little “disappointed” too. 😂

On April 19, ATEEZ completed their second weekend of Coachella 2024, cementing their place in history as the first K-Pop boy group to perform at the festival.

The group put on some spectacular stages, with the issues from the previous week being resolved. This allowed fans worldwide to watch the official stream without interruptions and enjoy the show fully.

ATEEZ gained attention for many things over the two weekends, including the members’ sexy cursing and Jongho‘s outstanding vocals.

ATEEZ’s Jongho Is Once Again Going Viral For His Insane Vocals At “Coachella” Weekend 2

One of the other parts of the performance that went viral took place during the group’s stage for “ARRIBA.”

During this song, the group were around the part of the stage meant to look like a bar, and near the song’s ending, each member took a shot of a brown liquid. Based on the member’s reactions, fans concluded it was likely whiskey in the glasses.

However, it appears that things were not as they seemed!

Following the group’s performance on April 19, Yeosang went live to talk and chat with fans.

Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 2.32.44 PM
ATEEZ’s Yeosang | @ateez_official/Instagram

During the live, the “ARRIBA” performance came up, and Yeosang mentioned that he was reluctant to admit to a secret because the other members had not yet mentioned it to fans. He continued anyway, revealing that the drink the members drank on stage was actually barley tea!

| WikiCommons

As you can imagine, fans were a bit “disappointed” to find this out, jokingly proclaiming that “all men do is lie.


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