ARMYs Slam MBC For Claiming SEVENTEEN “Built Up” HYBE’s Headquarters

The claims was made in a variety show teaser.

A recent clip from an MBC show that claimed HYBE was built by SEVENTEEN has garnered intense backlash from ARMYs on social media.

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SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

On April 20, KST, MBC posted a teaser for the upcoming episode of Hangout With Yoo. The teaser showed the MC Yoo Jae Suk, accompanied by other co-MCs, visiting the HYBE building to meet the members of BSS, a subunit of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

In the teaser, the show’s cast was seen admiring the luxurious interiors of the HYBE headquarters in Seoul. A caption on the screen read, “The HYBE headquarters built up by SEVENTEEN.”

The image spread on social media like wildfire as ARMYs were left enraged at the claim. Many voiced their dissatisfaction with MBC for allegedly disrespecting BTS’s legacy with such a caption.

BTS, who practically pulled their label BIGHIT MUSIC (previously Big Hit Entertainment) from the brink of bankruptcy with years of hard work and boundary-breaking success, were also the reason why BIGHIT evolved into a multi-label corporation called HYBE in 2021. It was only after HYBE came into being that artists like SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, Zico, and so on were brought under the umbrella of the corporation, as HYBE acquired the respective labels of these artists.

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BTS | Weverse

So, in that context, claiming that SEVENTEEN built the HYBE building would be inaccurate despite them being a very prominent source of the label’s income in recent years. That claim, however, was not the full caption. MBC seems to have credited BTS as the foundation of HYBE,  while implying that SEVENTEEN was able to add to the company’s growth, as seen in the full clip.

BTS laid the foundation of the new HYBE headquarters, and SEVENTEEN built it up

— MBC caption

Some fans who did notice the entire caption still felt that it erased BTS’s contribution to HYBE’s growth.

But BTS did both the foundation laying and the building? What are they saying? The broadcasting station seems to be the only one unaware of it.

— @1230cgV0613/Twitter

It makes no sense even if you watch the video. The distortion of history is crazy, LOOOL.

— @koala613912/Twitter

The backlash has nonetheless continued on social media, with ARMYs trending tags asking MBC for an apology.

Neither HYBE nor MBC have made any comments as of yet.


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