Meet The Members Of GOT7 Jackson

Meet The Members Of GOT7 Jackson Wang’s New Girl Group, GEN1ES

They’re set to debut sometime this year!

In February 2024, Chuang Asia Thailand, a spin-off of Produce Camp, began to air. Like the previous version of the show, trainees competed to debut in a brand new temporary group.

Among the celebrity mentors was GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, who served as the show’s lead mentor as well.


The newly formed girl group GEN1ES (pronounced genies) will debut under RYCE Entertainment, a company co-founded by Jackson.

Here is some info on nine members of the newly formed group!

1. Qiao Yi Yu

Qiao Yi Yu is a 21-year-old from China who previously appeared on Great Dance Crew, another reality show. She achieved the highest score during the program, meaning she will be GEN1ES’s leader and center.

2. Ruan

Japanese member Ruan came in second overall and is likely familiar, as she once competed on Girls Planet 999. She is 20 years old and can play the traditional Okinawan Sanshin.

3. Pailiu

Pailiu is a 24-year-old born in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. In addition to having studied International Business at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, she was the fifth runner-up of Miss Grand Thailand 2023. 

4. Yean

Thai member Yean previously competed on the AfreecaTV program U2U: Up To You Season 2 and was active as a solo artist before her fourth-ranked finish.

5. Elyn

Elyn Leong is a 20-year-old from Malaysia who was previously active as a YouTuber. Her YouTube account currently boasts over 200 thousand followers.

6. Wang Ke

Wang Ke is 23 years old and also previously appeared on Produce 48, where she ranked 58th. After being announced as a member of a pre-debut Korean group, she went on to debut in the Chinese group AIM

7. Xueyao

23-year-old Xueyao previously competed in Produce Camp 2020 before making her solo debut in 2021. Xueyao is a graduate of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, having majored in dance.

8. Didi

Didi is a Taiwanese influencer and sister of actress and singer Ouyang Nana. She previously worked as a model and actress, appearing in the drama Marvelous Women in 2021.

9. Emma

Emma is the youngest group member at 17 and came in 9th on the program. She seems to be a K-Pop fan based on the numerous cover videos on her YouTube account!

Will you be checking out GEN1ES?


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