Stars Rally Voters: Celebrities Lead by

Stars Rally Voters: Celebrities Lead by Example in Election Season

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In the heart of the bustling election period, as the 22nd National Assembly elections kick off today at 6 AM, celebrities are stepping forward, leveraging their influence to encourage civic participation. Amidst their busy schedules, stars like broadcaster Jang SungKyu, former soccer player Lee DongGook, musical actors Kim SoHyun and Son JunHo, singer Yoon JongShin, and Jaurim’s Kim YoonA are not just casting their votes but also actively promoting the importance of voting through social media.

Jang SungKyu, a familiar face on television, took to Instagram early this morning, sharing a snapshot outside a polling station in Seoul’s Gangdong District. Dressed casually, he was among the first to fulfill his civic duty, captioning his post with a hopeful message for the elected officials to contribute to making Gangdong a healthier and happier place.

Lee DongGook, known for his prowess on the soccer field and now a beloved television personality, also shared his voting experience on social media. Sporting the indelible ink stamp on his hand, he proudly displayed his participation, urging others to exercise their sovereign rights.

Adding a familial touch to the election narrative, Kim SoHyun and Son JunHo, a power couple from the musical theatre world, involved their son in the voting process. Their social media post not only captured a tender family moment but also underscored the significance of teaching young ones about the democratic process.

Renowned singer Yoon JongShin and Kim YoonA of the band Jaurim also took to Instagram to share their voting experiences. Amidst their hectic schedules, both artists made it a point to vote, stressing the importance of this day and encouraging their followers to do the same.

The election, which saw voting booths set up across 14,259 locations nationwide, concluded at 6 PM. Following the close of polls, the ballots were securely transported to 254 counting centers, with the counting process expected to begin around 6:30 PM.

As these celebrities take the lead in promoting voter participation, their actions serve as a powerful reminder of the role public figures can play in fostering a culture of active civic engagement. Their messages, resonating across social media, not only highlight the importance of exercising one’s right to vote but also inspire their fans and the general public to contribute to the democratic process. As the nation awaits the election outcomes, the anticipation is coupled with hope for a future shaped by informed and active participation from all corners of society.


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