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Choi Siwon, Jung In Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, And Jung Yoo Jin Confirmed For New Rom-Com Drama

The cast lineup for TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “DNA Lover” (literal title) has been confirmed!

As previously reported, Choi Siwon, Jung In Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, and Jung Yoo Jin will be starring in the new weekend romantic comedy drama, set to premiere in June.

Directed by Sung Chi Wook of “Tomorrow” and written by Jung Soo Mi of “Born Again,” “DNA Lover” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Han So Jin, a genetic researcher who has numerous failed relationships, as she searches for her destined partner through genes.

Choi Siwon takes on the role of Shim Yeon Woo, a highly talented and sensitive obstetrician. While Yeon Woo excels at social intelligence and always wins women’s hearts, he swiftly ends relationships when his partner becomes too possessive or controlling. With Choi Siwon’s reputation as the “king of romantic comedy,” anticipation is high for his portrayal of Yeon Woo.

Han So Jin, a researcher who is obsessed with finding the perfect genetic match, will be portrayed by Jung In Sun. Having showcased a diverse acting spectrum in numerous projects, Jung In Sun is expected to demonstrate lively yet sincere acting skills to captivate viewers with her adorable quirkiness.

Lee Tae Hwan will return as Seo Kang Hoon in this new drama after completing his military service duty. Seo Kang Hoon is a handsome firefighter who always prioritizes So Jin and answers her call within a second. With his unwavering determination and irresistible charm, Kang Hoon is gearing up to become everyone’s favorite second male lead.

Lastly, Jung Yoo Jin will appear as Jang Mi Eun, a relationship columnist who used to date Yeon Woo and who believes a woman will inevitably get hurt if she relies on one man for everything.

With the drama scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2024, the production team shared, “Please look forward to the explosive performance by four distinctive characters in ‘DNA Lover,’ which encompasses a mixture of romantic comedy, human family elements, mystery, and more that will appeal to viewers of all ages and genders.”

Are you excited for the new drama? Stay tuned for more updates!

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