Korean Netizens Slam Foreign Fans’ Picks

Korean Netizens Slam Foreign Fans’ Picks For TripleS’ Stage Names

Fans can vote on the members’ stage names through NFTs.

Innovative girl group TripleS, created by Modhaus, has become the center of a heated debate. Known for pioneering a decentralized approach in the music industry, TripleS allows fans to have a direct say in the group’s decisions through NFT photo cards known as “Objekts.” And Korean netizens think that overseas fans aren’t making the right choices.

triples modhaus
TripleS has 24 members. | @triplescosmos/X (formerly known as Twitter)

TripleS — which officially debuted on February 13 of last year — with their extended play (EP) titled Assemble, has embraced a unique concept where members possess a special ability known as “S.” These talents are showcased through “Dimension,” with the group undergoing a transformation every season to introduce new concepts. The group’s structure is fluid, with members rotating between the group, sub-units, and solo activities based on fan decisions.

triples angles asia
One of the group’s sub-units, Acid Angels from Asia. | Modhaus

Fans can vote on various aspects of the group’s direction, including the release of songs, the formation and naming of sub-units, the design of the lightstick, and even the stage names of the last two members.

However, this groundbreaking fan participation model has sparked controversy, especially among South Korean netizens, over the decision to allow international fans to choose stage names for the members. A discussion that attracted over 30,000 views and more than 200 comments unfolded on the popular Korean internet forum TheQoo.

Many Korean fans expressed dissatisfaction with the names selected by the international community, suggesting that non-Korean fans might not have the cultural understanding necessary to choose appropriate Korean names.

triples aria
| Modhaus

Preferred names like Yeonseo were mentioned, with some netizens pointing out the beauty of such names and questioning the inclusion of certain elements in the chosen names. Concerns were also raised about the potential for name duplication, noting that certain proposed names are already common among other celebrities.

  • “Ugh, you guys are so unhelpful, seriously. Yeonseo is way prettier.”
  • “Yeonsuh or Yooha were the pretty ones.”
  • “Yeonsuh is so much better, Jiyeon has a friend in T-ARA.”
  • “We know our names better! You guys don’t know anything!!”
  • “Huh, Jiyeon…? Did foreigners vote on this…? There are already a few Jiyeons.”
  • “It’s like a fan name from Girls’ Generation Seohyun style, LOL. I think I would have been happy with Jiseoyeon.”
  • “Just pick a nice English name. It’ll be fine.”
  • “I’m curious why ‘Suh’ was included in the first place. Was it registered like that in her passport?”
  • “Yeonsuh is pretty.”
  • “Jiseoyeon is pretty, too, and it’s nice since her last name is Ji.”
  • “Just go with Yeonsuh.”
Screenshot 2024-04-07 095817
| TheQoo

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this innovative approach will evolve and how it will address the concerns of both Korean and international fans.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/korean-netizens-slam-foreign-fans-picks-triples-stage-names/

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