J Balvin Becomes An ATINY During

J Balvin Becomes An ATINY During ATEEZ’s 2024 Coachella Performance

He returned the support he received from them!

ATEEZ made history at 2024 Coachella over the weekend as the first-ever K-Pop boy group to perform at the famous music festival, drawing an enthusiastic crowd.

They returned this weekend for the second and final 2024 Coachella performance, impressing festival-goers yet again.

Not only does performing at Coachella give the opportunity to meet with ATINY, but it also introduces ATEEZ to many more people, such as fellow performing artists.


This includes Colombian singer J Balvin. The “Prince of Reggaeton” is among the best-selling Latin artists with many fans.

J Balvin
J Balvin | NYLON

Some of these fans are ATEEZ members, as they previously expressed being fans of the Latin artist. It turns out the feeling is mutual.

During 2024 Coachella, J Balvin not only performed. He was spotted at barricade to watch ATEEZ perform, and he was getting into it!


J-Balvin really fell in love with Ateez last night @J Balvin @ATEEZ_Official #coachella #ateez #chellateez #jbalvin

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He and ATEEZ also had posed together for photos. They shared a photo together via Instagram.

J Balvin proved he’s a true ATINY now. He followed the group on Instagram, too.

Apparently, J Balvin noticed ATEEZ as Hongjoong was recorded during the live stream of his Coachella set last weekend. So, this weekend, he returned the support. 

Mingi expressed his excitement via live broadcast. He said he was so happy about J Balvin and other artists’ support throughout the festival.

Likewise, Seonghwa had watched J Balvin’s performance at 2024 Coachella and talked about it in a recent interview. San also talked about J Balvin in an interview regarding the music festival.

ATEEZ are so deserving of all the love and attention they’re receiving right now!

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