Hwasa Wraps Up Her First-Ever Solo

Hwasa Wraps Up Her First-Ever Solo Fancon in Seoul

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In an electrifying display of talent and charisma, MAMAMOO HwaSa, the powerhouse vocalist known for her unparalleled stage presence, successfully concluded her debut solo fan convention, ‘HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR in Seoul,’ on the evening of April 20th at the Daeyang Hall of Sejong University, Seoul. The event, a milestone in her illustrious career, provided a platform for the singer to connect with her fans, affectionately known as ‘Twits’, in a series of memorable and interactive segments.

Opening with a compelling video that set the tone for the night, MAMAMOO HwaSa made a grand entrance with her mega-hit song, ‘멍청이’ (‘Fool’), instantly igniting the auditorium with energy and enthusiasm. Moving to the stage, she continued to captivate the audience with ‘I Love My Body,’ showcasing the undeniable ‘Queen Hwasa’ flair that fans have come to adore and expect.

The fancon, a first-of-its-kind event since the official formation of her fan club ‘Twits,’ was designed to facilitate a two-way conversation between Hwasa and her supporters. It featured an array of engaging activities, including a segment where Hwasa shared unreleased photos and videos, a Q&A session where fans submitted their queries on post-it notes, a challenge corner that highlighted her fan service, and a storytelling session where fans shared their personal experiences related to Hwasa.

In addition to performing her solo debut song ‘Maria,’ MAMAMOO HwaSa treated fans to rarely performed B-side tracks and a medley of Mamamoo hits, providing a concert-like experience that exceeded expectations. The evening was further embellished by the surprise appearance of fellow P NATION artist and producer Ahn Shin-ae, who joined Hwasa for an acoustic rendition of ‘I Love My Body,’ adding a perfect close to the fancon.

Expressing her gratitude, MAMAMOO HwaSa shared through P NATION, “Every time I step onto the stage, my hope is that my fans feel happier than I do. This event has strengthened my belief that I can continue to uphold this sentiment. The precious support from my fans motivates me to return the favor with better music. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who came.”

MAMAMOO HwaSa’s journey does not stop here; she is set to extend the warmth and excitement of her fancon tour to Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore, promising to connect with more fans across Asia.

As MAMAMOO HwaSa continues to pave her path in the music industry, her first solo fancon in Seoul marks a significant chapter in her career. Fans eagerly await what the ‘Queen Hwasa’ will bring to the stage next, knowing that her boundless talent and unwavering dedication to her craft will continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

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