Kang Ye-seul is set to transform

Kang Ye-seul is set to transform into the dazzling MC for the “Super Concert” happening on May 8 at the Jinju Stadium

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Signed with Saenggak Entertainment, Kang Ye-seul will showcase a new side of herself on stage. Hosted by TV Chosun, this concert aims to walk together with small business owners, featuring a lineup of popular artists from various genres to create a spectacular show.

Kang Ye-seul, co-hosting with Kim Yong-pil, is expected to lead the atmosphere on site with her stable hosting skills and refreshing energy, demonstrated through various broadcasting experiences. Notably, her roles as the red carpet host for the “Trot Music Awards 2024”, and MC positions in SBS M and SBS FiL’s “The Trot Entertainment News”, and TV Chosun’s “Sweet and Sour”, have prepared her well for this upcoming “Super Concert”.

The event will feature impressive performances from a list of talented singers including Kang Jin, Han HyeJin, Jiwoni, Na Tae-ju, Ahn Seong-hoon, Jin Hae-seong, Na Sang-do, Choi Su-ho, Jin Wook, Park Seong-on, Go Jeong-woo, Jeong Seo-ju, Bae A-hyun, Oh YuJin, and Chae Su-hyun. With Kang Ye-seul at the helm as MC, expectations are high for her to excellently carry out her role in this massive event.

Looking ahead, Kang Ye-seul plans to continue engaging with the public through various broadcasting and music activities. Her role as MC for the “Super Concert” is anticipated to mark a new beginning in her career, raising excitement for what charming aspects she will reveal through this concert and her future endeavors.

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