ILLIT Iroha’s Baby Photos Prove That

ILLIT Iroha’s Baby Photos Prove That She Is A Natural Beauty

Blessed with good genes.

ILLIT has just freshly debuted, but they are already chart-toppers. Their debut with “Magnetic” was highly praised, and they soon shot to fame!

While all of the members are visuals, Iroha has been gaining attention in particular for her refreshing beauty.


Recently released baby photos of the star prove that she has always been gorgeous!

| theqoo

She truly grew up just as she was.

| theqoo

Her big eyes and upturned lips have been prominent since she was young.

| theqoo

Her playful spirit stayed with her too.

| theqoo

As she slowly grew older, her features began to take shape. You can see how her nose gets higher by the year!

| theqoo

With such visuals, it is no wonder she eventually became an idol.

| theqoo

Netizens were full of praise for Iroha’s natural beauty.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 2.28.53 AM
| theqoo
  • So cute. She’s slowly becoming the prettiest to me.
  • Ah cute LOL.
  • She’s the prettiest in the group.
  • Her face is so unique.
  • She grew up so well! I mean this in a good way, but she looks really different depending on her expression and hair.
  • She looks like Lee Jae Yong’s daughter in the last one.
  • Wow, she’s shockingly cute LOL.
  • So pretty.

It looks like she never had an awkward teenage phase at all! Such blessed genes.



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