BIGBANG TaeYang finally opens up about

BIGBANG TaeYang finally opens up about his nickname, “The Uijeongbu Fist”

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BIGBANG TaeYang is not just a shining K-pop star. His story begins on the streets of Uijeongbu and goes through a dramatic journey filled with misunderstandings and truths, leading up to the global stage. Recently, through a video aired on the YouTube channel ‘Jibdaeseong,’ TaeYang revealed the truth about the nickname “The Uijeongbu Fist” that has followed him for a long time.

In the broadcast, close friends known as “Goonbang,” including TaeYang, Ju Won, and BeenZino, appeared as guests upon DaeSung’s invitation. TaeYang, in particular, was surprised to find out that one of the production crew was his elementary school classmate, which led him to reminisce about the past. He confessed for the first time about how, before BIGBANG’s debut, YG Entertainment promised to make them like TVXQ. This was shocking news for him, who had dreamt of becoming a rapper, but eventually, he paved his own way.

When DaeSung asked TaeYang about his school days’ nickname, TaeYang clarified it as a misunderstanding and explained its origin. The nickname was due to something G-Dragon had said, and it was not true. Although many people know about the anecdotes of TaeYang and G-Dragon wandering around downtown Uijeongbu during their middle school days, TaeYang shared a simple yet precious memory of spending time in cafes and eating toast.

This sincere story is an important moment showing who TaeYang was and who he is now. By correcting misunderstandings about his past, TaeYang shared his true self with fans. This interview showcases the journey of growth and change that TaeYang has experienced, not just as a K-pop icon but as a human being, inspiring many.

The story of TaeYang’s past, present, and future will continue to be shared with his fans. There is growing anticipation for what he will show next and how his music and stories will surprise us.


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