Im Soo Hyang Blows Up At

Im Soo Hyang Blows Up At Ji Hyun Woo On Set In “Beauty And Mr. Romantic”

“Beauty and Mr. Romantic” has shared a sneak peek of its upcoming episode!

KBS2’s “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” is a romance drama about an actress who hits rock bottom overnight and the producing director (PD) who gets her back on her feet out of love. Im Soo Hyang stars as A-list actress Park Do Ra, who has been worked to the bone for years by her ruthless stage mom—and whose life undergoes an unexpected change when she happens to run into assistant director Go Pil Seung (Ji Hyun Woo) on the set of a drama.


Previously, Pil Seung shed cold sweat due to Do Ra, who kept throwing suspicions and recalled her memories of Dae Chung every time she saw him. Pil Seung tried to please Do Ra for the sake of peace on set, and Do Ra felt favored by Pil Seung’s kindness and began to rely on him. However, Do Ra was shocked to see Pil Seung badmouthing her to Cha Bong Su (Kang Sung Min), heralding a turaround in the relationship between Do Ra and Pil Seung.

Amidst this situation, the newly released stills capture Do Ra and Pil Seung meeting each other on set. Do Ra maintains a certain distance from Pil Seung and throws a cold gaze at him while Pil Seung avoids looking at Do Ra’s face by putting his head down and his hands together.

In another set of stills, Do Ra tries to focus on reading the script before filming starts. However, when Pil Seung comes into her sight, she feels betrayed and expresses anger.

Pil Seung, who does not know what to do at Do Ra’s behavior, faces the biggest crisis in his career life as a drama PD.

Director Hong (Lee Seung Hyung) tries to comfort Pil Seung by patting his shoulder, raising curiosity as to what will happen to Pil Seung.

The next episode of “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” airs on April 13 at 7:55 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Until then, catch up on the drama below:

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