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Everything You Need To Know About HYBE And ADOR Min Hee Jin’s Ongoing Feud: Day One

With reports from HYBE, Min Hee Jin has hit back.

ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin is currently embroiled in a “feud” with HYBE, and here’s everything that’s happened so far.


On April 22, the world of K-Pop was rocked when it was reported that HYBE had exercised its role as a shareholder of HYBE after requesting a shareholder’s meeting due to a power struggle between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. There were also rumors that HYBE had asked Min Hee Jin to step down from her role as CEO.

HYBE’s founder Bang Si Hyuk | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Following initial reports, more details about the issue came to light, with reports that HYBE had found evidence that Min Hee Jin was trying to leave HYBE and take ADOR with her to become a separate entity.

It wasn’t long before news outlets came out with the detailed allegations against Min Hee Jin that were linked to a tip-off that HYBE had received. In the report, some of the allegations included:

  • ADOR’s internal management (Min Hee Jin, deputy CEOs A and B) received external consulting regarding ADOR management, which helped them set up a plan to take over management rights from HYBE.
  • Min Hee Jin and deputy CEOs A and B leaked information to foreign investment advisors, private equity firms, securities firm analysts, and consultants, including contract information signed between ADOR and HYBE.
  • Accusations that they had secretly tried to manipulate public opinion on HYBE artists negatively to create a bad impression for HYBE.
  • Private artists’ information was leaked, including photos and media of the trainees before their debut, as well as personal health information.

Regarding ADOR’s only artist, NewJeans, it was reported that they were being used to help Min Hee Jin get leverage over HYBE to relinquish equity in the company. Hankyung News’ Market Insight reported a claim that Min Hee Jin had planned on leveraging her relationship with NewJeans to force HYBE into giving in to her “demands.”

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_ador/Twitter

Media outlet Dispatch then released more details about her alleged “coup,” confirming many of the previous reports about Min Hee Jin wanting to make ADOR autonomous, her access to sensitive information, and evidence against her, including abusing employees.

Dispatch Unleashes Shocking Details About Ador Min Hee Jin’s HYBE Coup

After all the controversies, Min Hee Jin made her first statement where she cited one of the reasons behind her “feud” with HYBE was BELIFT LAB’s new girl group, ILLIT, allegedly plagiarizing NewJeans’ concept.

ILLIT copying NewJeans is not something that BeLift Lab did themselves, but HYBE was related to it as well. HYBE, who claims to be the leader of K-Pop, was blinded by profits, and they are copying successful culture contents without any hesitation at all. ADOR has never allowed anyone to copy NewJeans’ results.

— Min Hee Jin

Following her mention of ILLIT, Min Hee Jin released a full statement regarding ADOR’s feud with HYBE and her previous statement. In the report, Min Hee Jin claimed her statement was made to protect NewJeans and “the healthy development of our country’s music and culture industry.”

One of the labels under HYBE, BeLift Lab, debuted ILLIT in March 2024, a 5-member girl group. After ILLIT’s teaser photos were released, there has been explosive reaction online that people thought ‘it was NewJeans.’ ILLIT’s hair, makeup, outfits, choreography, photos, videos, and even events, etc, all of their activity as celebrities have been copying NewJeans. There have been reviews that ILLIT is ‘Min Hee Jin’s style,’ ‘Min Hee Jin’s type,’ and ‘NewJeans’ style,’ etc. This can’t be something that they’re not embarrassed of.

— Min Hee Jin

The members of ILLIT | @ILLIT_official/Twitter

HYBE reportedly has given Min Hee Jin until April 23 to respond to its request for a shareholders meeting. It will be interesting to see how both sides continue to react to the ongoing allegations and how they will impact the artists.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/hybe-ador-ceo-min-hee-jin-feud-day-one/

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