EPEX and CRAVITY dominate the top

EPEX and CRAVITY dominate the top ranks of the charts!

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As the Korean music industry continues to exert significant influence on the global market, recent announcements from the Hanteo Chart have been drawing attention. Particularly in the second week of April 2024, EPEX and CRAVITY have shown notable achievements, reaffirming the global stature of Korean music once again.

EPEX has climbed to the top of this week’s chart with a world index score of 14,680.25 points, showcasing their dominance in the album sector. Their first full album “Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Love” has recorded a sales volume of 231,088 copies, amassing an album index score of 280,095.84 points and securing the top spot on the weekly album chart. This achievement, surpassing the initial sales of their previous work, has sparked interest in how far their growth will extend.

On the other hand, CRAVITY has captured first place on the weekly certification chart with their 7th mini-album “EVERSHINE,” proving their strong support from fans. They have particularly shown a high certification rate in Japan, demonstrating an expansion of their global fan base.

Hanteo Chart releases various charts based on global data of K-pop artists within the music industry, with this week’s chart reflecting the results from April 8th to 14th. The album chart is determined based on global sales volume, while the certification chart is based on the amount of genuine certification by overseas fans.

The results of this week’s chart not only highlight the achievements of EPEX and CRAVITY but also provide significant insights for other artists. It demonstrates the continuing expansion of the influence of Korean music within the global music market, making the future changes in the charts something to watch closely. Fans will be able to follow the growth and success journey of the artists more closely through the Whosfan app and the Hanteo Chart website.

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