ATEEZ’s Jongho Praised For His Actions

ATEEZ’s Jongho Praised For His Actions After “Coachella” Stage Amid Idols’ Live Vocals Controversy

“Jongho, you are so hardworking.” 🥺

After an electrifying performance on the first day of this year’s Coachella festival, ATEEZ left the audience spellbound with their charismatic stage presence and robust live vocals, attributes that have become synonymous with the K-Pop group.

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Despite the rigorous choreography, the group maintained a consistently strong vocal delivery throughout their set. This was particularly true for Jongho, the youngest member and main vocalist, whose performance stood out as both powerful and pitch-perfect.

ATEEZ’s setlist included several songs featuring Jongho’s signature high notes and belting capabilities. One of the highlights was his performance of the Symphony No.9 version of “Wonderland,” where he executed a complex four-part high note sequence with flawless precision. His vocal prowess not only wowed long-time fans but also captured the attention of many new listeners.

Despite the acclaim, Jongho continues to strive for improvement. Shortly after their Coachella debut, he traveled back to Los Angeles to engage in further vocal training. This decision came as a surprise to fans, particularly since Jongho was noticeably absent from festival activities post-performance, while other members were spotted enjoying sets from other artists.

He later informed fans of his whereabouts, explaining his commitment to honing his skills ahead of the group’s next Coachella appearance on April 19.

I came over to LA just yesterday and set up a vocal lesson, so I’m taking vocal lessons now.

— ATEEZ’s Jongho

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Jongho’s decision to undertake additional vocal training has been particularly well-received amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding live vocal performances in K-Pop. Recently, Korean netizens have sparked heated discussions about the capability of live singing within K-Pop groups, questioning the vocal proficiency overshadowed by lip-syncing and backing tracks.

Regardless, Jongho’s dedication to continual improvement has drawn admiration from fans and critics alike, who commend him for his relentless pursuit of excellence. As ATEEZ prepares to take the stage once more this coming weekend, anticipation could not be higher.


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