All The K-Pop Idols Spotted Partying

All The K-Pop Idols Spotted Partying It Up At “Coachella 2024” So Far

From ATEEZ to Jackson Wang, our favorite stars seemed to enjoy Coachella 🤩

The 2024 edition of Coachella is proving to be an epic convergence of music, culture, and iconic performances, not least of which came from the presence of numerous K-Pop idols. Our favorite stars not only graced the stages with their performances but were also seen enjoying the festival vibes, mingling with other artists, and sharing moments with their fans across social media.


ATEEZ kicked off the festival with a high-energy performance on day one. Known for their strong stage presence and charismatic performances, the group set a vibrant tone for the weekend. Following their performance, ATEEZ members were seen absorbing the Coachella experience, attending various sets, and enjoying the atmosphere, which has always been a hallmark of the festival.


On the second day, LE SSERAFIM took the stage, showcasing their impeccable choreography and hit discography. After their performance, the group was seen around the festival, notably at Doja Cat‘s jaw-dropping set, appreciating music from other genres and artists.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa had a busy festival, appearing not only to enjoy the performances but also to connect with other artists. After meeting up with DJ Snake after his set, she was also spotted at Ice Spice‘s performance living it up!

4. GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang was a sensation at Coachella, first performing as part of 88Rising’s showcase and later with BIBI, delivering what was described as a “sexy performance”. His energy was uncontainable as he was later seen enjoying Rich Brian‘s performance, supporting his fellow 88Rising artist and friend.

5. The Rose

The Rose, who performed on Day 3, were also noted fans in the crowd during ATEEZ’s set. Their appearance was more proof of the friendship and mutual support among K-Pop groups, which was particularly palpable this year at Coachella.


Emerging K-Pop group KATSEYE made their presence known by attending the exclusive EOS Coachella party and actively engaging with fans on Twitter, posting pictures and sharing snippets of their festival experience, thereby broadening their international reach.

7. CLC’s Sorn

CLC’s Sorn, spotted with Lisa, added to the list of idols who not only perform but also revel in the festival’s atmosphere, taking in performances and enjoying the eclectic mix of music and culture.

8. PENTAGON’s Kino

Lastly, PENTAGON’s Kino offered fans a glimpse into his festival experience through a video posted online of him enjoying Tinashe’s set, proving he might be one of her biggest fans!


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