ATEEZ’s Mingi Has The Crowd Barking

ATEEZ’s Mingi Has The Crowd Barking For Him At “Coachella” Weekend 2

Who else was barking at their computer screen?

ATEEZ put on another stellar performance last night for weekend two of Coachella 2024, lighting up the stage with some of their most energetic and iconic hits.

The show was full of iconic moments once again, from Jongho‘s stunning vocals captivating everyone to Hongjoong teasing the group’s upcoming album during “The Real”.

One of the moments that went the most viral, though, was on the less serious side, and it was all thanks to the actions of Mingi!

The ATEEZ rapper always knows how to hype up a crowd, and this performance was no different. While last week he simply asked the crowd to make some noise during this part of the show, though, he went for a bit of a different approach for round two!

Barking at K-Pop concerts is a somewhat new trend, and one that has been met with hesitancy by some. However, it’s clear that Mingi loves getting ATINYs to bark for them, as it’s not the first time he’s done it!

It just adds another legendary moment to ATEEZ’s already historic Coachella appearance, because who else can say they’ve had the audience at such an event bark for them? But if anyone deserves it, it’s definitely Mingi and the rest of ATEEZ!

Fans of the group had some relatable reactions on social media.

We’ll bark for Mingi any time!


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