ATEEZ’s San And Mingi Attract Locals

ATEEZ’s San And Mingi Attract Locals With Near-Shirtless Performance At Coachella

How are we doing, ATINYs?

Just hours ago, ATEEZ lit up the stage at Coachella with an energetic, passionate performance of some of their most exciting and legendary hits. With a set list including old favorites like “Say My Name”, “HALA HALA”, and “Wonderland”, as well as newer titles “BOUNCY” and “Crazy Form” along with some other high-energy songs, it was definitely a performance to remember!

The members of ATEEZ never put less than their all into their shows, and this was definitely no different! Being the first K-Pop boy group to perform at Coachella was something they were clearly honored to be, and we have no doubt that a lot of new ATINYs were created tonight.

On top of their wild and captivating performance were their outfits. They all looked gorgeous in all-black outfits in different styles that matched each of their aesthetics perfectly, such as Seonghwa‘s sparkly blazer and Hongjoong‘s tasseled look.

At the beginning of the show, much to fans’ delight, San appeared in nothing more than an open blazer with nothing on underneath!

During the entirety of the performance, San was full of seemingly limitless energy, letting out his “stage demon” persona that he’s so well-known for!

Mingi originally appeared with a low-cut shirt that showed off the “FIX ON” written across his chest…

But later on, he undid the bottom half of his shirt to match San in his near-shirtlessness!

Fans couldn’t help but joke about the two ending up shirtless despite how much luggage they brought along with them!

And unsurprisingly, the two handsome members (along with the others!) drew a lot of local attention because of their gorgeous visuals.

We can’t wait to see how much bigger ATEEZ’s fandom grows after this historic performance!


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