3 Points To Look Forward To

3 Points To Look Forward To In New Rom-Com “Frankly Speaking”

JTBC’s “Frankly Speaking” is quickly approaching its premiere!

“Frankly Speaking” is a new romantic comedy starring Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek, a rising news anchor who lives strictly by the rules and has worked hard to build up a clean image. However, Song Ki Baek’s life takes a (literally) shocking turn when he is electrocuted in an accident, leading him to develop a strange condition that prevents him from lying.

The drama also stars Kang Han Na from “My Roommate is a Gumiho” and Joo Jong Hyuk from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Ahead of its premiere, here are three key points to look forward to in “Frankly Speaking.”

1. Go Kyung Pyo’s radical acting transformation

First of all, Go Kyung Pyo takes on the role of Song Ki Baek, an announcer who can only speak the truth due to the aftereffects of an electric shock incident. His inability to tell lies has tarnished the image as the nice and pleasant person he had built to survive in office politics, where he never said “no” to his superiors and only spoke sweet words to others.

Teasers for “Frankly Speaking” are capturing viewers’ attention with Go Kyung Pyo’s passionate and committed acting, which is already bringing much laughter as he freely uses his face and incorporates physical comedy. His dedication to his character raises further anticipation for the show!

2. Ki Baek’s relatable inner demon

We all struggle between falsehoods and truths, sometimes resorting to white lies for social harmony and benefits. Ki Baek represented the extreme end of hiding his true self, becoming obsessed with maintaining a favorable image. However, one accident made him speak nothing but the truth, completely shattering the carefully constructed image he had built for himself.

Despite his efforts to keep his mouth shut, he reaches a point where he expresses his true feelings toward his team leader, who holds the key to his promotion as the main anchor. As the feelings he had suppressed burst out, however, viewers may experience a sense of great catharsis by vicariously releasing their anger and stress. Ki Back’s relentless truth-telling might represent our desires to root for honesty!

3. Funny and dizzying love triangle

Another charm of “Frankly Speaking” is the romance. It’s normal for someone in love to sometimes conceal their inner feelings in order to create tension and engage in a nerve-wracking confrontation. Then, what if a character like Ki Baek, who cannot hide his inner feelings and honestly expresses everything without hesitation, takes center stage in a romance?

As On Woo Ju, a variety show writer with 12 years of experience, also faces a crisis due to her show’s cancellation, she recognizes the genuine entertainment value in Ki Baek who has become a “fact bomber.” While the two become intertwined as they work together to avoid downfall, a love triangle happens as Woo Ju’s ex-boyfriend and a highly successful trot singer Kim Jung Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk) enters the fray.

“Frankly Speaking” is scheduled to premiere on May 1 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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