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Learn The Korean Word For The Moment You Start Stanning An Idol – “Ipdeok”

TXT, the trailblazing K-Pop sensation, once again captivated the world with their latest comeback, “minisode 3: TOMORROW.” This highly anticipated release not only showcased the group’s musical evolution but also solidified their position as global icons in the music industry. With record-breaking sales, chart-topping success, and a slew of historical achievements, “minisode 3: TOMORROW” represented TXT’s unparalleled talent, unwavering dedication, and boundless creativity.

With “minisode 3: TOMORROW,” TXT unveiled a collection of seven dynamic tracks, including the standout title track, ‘Deja Vu,’ and its captivating remix, ‘Deja Vu (Anemoia Remix).’ A press release described ‘Deja Vu’ as a groundbreaking fusion of pop, trap, rage, and emo rock—a hybrid sound that spoke to the overwhelming sensation of encountering someone familiar in the future, echoing the sentiment of déjà vu. This latest mini-album marked a significant milestone for TXT, arriving in celebration of the group’s fifth anniversary and following their last full-length release, “The Name Chapter: Freefall,” which debuted in October. With each new release, TXT continued to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of K-Pop, captivating audiences with their innovative sound and compelling storytelling.

TXT's "minisode 3: TOMORROW": A Global Triumph

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Global Chart Domination

TXT’s latest album, “minisode 3: TOMORROW,” continued to soar to new heights on the global music charts, showcasing the group’s undeniable talent and widespread appeal. The album recently achieved a new peak at #2 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart, solidifying its position as a global sensation. Additionally, it maintained a strong presence at #4 on the Worldwide Apple Music Album chart, further underscoring its international acclaim. In Europe, “minisode 3: TOMORROW” impressively secured the #6 spot on Apple Music, demonstrating TXT’s growing popularity across continents. Moreover, the album’s success on iTunes, debuting at #10, reflected the unwavering support of fans worldwide and TXT’s ability to captivate audiences on a global scale.

TXT’s “minisode 3: TOMORROW” continued to make headlines with its phenomenal sales figures and groundbreaking achievements. Within just three days of its release, the album sold an astounding 1,340,592 units on Hanteo, further solidifying TXT’s status as a commercial powerhouse. The album’s first-week sales on Hanteo reflected the unwavering support of fans, underscoring TXT’s immense popularity and influence within the music industry. With only four full days of tracking, the album debuted at #95 on Billboard Global 200 and #39 on Billboard Global 200 Excl. US. Additionally, ‘Deja Vu,’ emerged as TXT’s most viewed music video on YouTube within its first 24 hours, attesting to the group’s massive global fanbase and widespread appeal.


Chart-Topping Success and Historical Milestones

“minisode 3: TOMORROW” continued to make waves on various music charts, achieving remarkable feats and setting new records. The album debuted at #1 on the MelOn Overall Artist Chart and MelOn Male Group Chart, showcasing TXT’s dominance in the Korean music scene. Additionally, it marked the third biggest streaming debut on MelOn by any artist in 2024, further highlighting TXT’s impact and popularity within the industry. Notably, TXT became the first 4th generation boy group to chart a song on the MelOn Daily Top 100 since their own ‘Chasing That Feeling’ in 2023, debuting at an impressive #84. Furthermore, the album debuted at #1 on the Oricon Albums chart in Japan, selling 147,897 units on its first day in the country, solidifying TXT’s status as a global phenomenon and cementing their place in music history.


TXT’s “minisode 3: TOMORROW” had not only achieved remarkable success on the global music charts but also shattered records and set new milestones, further establishing the group as a powerhouse within the K-Pop industry. With its chart-topping achievements, groundbreaking sales figures, and historical significance, “minisode 3: TOMORROW” reaffirmed TXT’s status as one of the most influential and groundbreaking acts in the global music industry. As they continued to push boundaries and redefine the standards of success, TXT remained poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music for years to come.

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