On April 15, 2024, the Korean

On April 15, 2024, the Korean broadcasting industry was abuzz with a copyright dispute surrounding the program “I Am Solo.”

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The core of this issue began with the program’s PD, Nam KyuHong, and his production company not recognizing the copyrights of the writers. The Korean Broadcasting Writers Association has raised its voice to protect the rights of writers, urging a solution to this unfair situation.

“I Am Solo” was produced under the leadership of PD Nam KyuHong and received favorable responses from various viewer demographics. However, recent contract issues with the writers have brought tensions behind the production to the surface. According to the Korean Broadcasting Writers Association, Nam KyuHong has been criticized for belittling current and former writers in interviews and distorting facts related to copyright.

At the heart of this controversy are the legitimate royalties and copyrights that the writers should receive. Nam KyuHong and his production company have not acknowledged the writers’ copyrights, nor have they paid the corresponding royalties. Furthermore, Nam has been accused of infringing on the writers’ rights by listing his name as a “writer” in the credits. In response, the Korean Broadcasting Writers Association has presented a standard contract that protects the copyright of broadcast writers according to copyright law, but Nam KyuHong’s side has not accepted it.

The essence of this situation is the loss of fairness on the broadcasting scene and the unfair contracts that infringe on the rights of writers. The Korean Broadcasting Writers Association has urged Nam KyuHong to apologize to his fellow writers, to sign a writing contract that specifies the writers’ copyrights, and has also requested ENA and SBS PLUS, which are responsible for managing and supervising the program, to come up with measures.

In the midst of this controversy, there is a growing call within the Korean broadcasting industry for a more fair and transparent production environment. The “I Am Solo” incident has raised questions that go beyond a single program, expanding to issues of creators’ rights and the fair treatment they deserve. How this issue will be resolved, and the changes it may bring to the broadcasting industry, are being closely watched.

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