Banners Featuring RIIZE’s Seunghan Confiscated At

Banners Featuring RIIZE’s Seunghan Confiscated At “Music Bank” Concert

Fans are finding other ways to show support.

Banners showing support for RIIZE‘s Seunghan have reportedly been confiscated.

RIIZE’s Seunghan | SM Entertainment

Since Seunghan’s hiatus began, fans have continuously found ways to demand his return to activities. This has continued in Belgium, where RIIZE are currently slated to perform during KBS‘s Music Bank in Antwerp concert.


Ahead of the event, the group spent time outside exploring and took time to film a dance challenge in public. While they were filming, a fan loudly proclaimed that “RIIZE is 7.

Another fan was spotted holding a sign with a similar message.


Fans also organized projects to support Seunghan and the other members during the concert, including passing out individual banners and one featuring a photo of all seven members.

| @RIIZE_Belgium/X
| @RIIZE_Belgium/X
| @eyo_listen_up/X

On the event day, the fanbase responsible for passing out these banners posted a tweet claiming that the banners that included Seunghan had been confiscated by management. A follow-up tweet stated that the “organization and the venue” apologized for taking this action.

The fanbase also said that the venue and the organization had previously given them the “OK” regarding the project, consisting of over 2000 thousand banners, months ago.

While the fanbase did pass out some of the banners, and some fans managed to sneak them in…

…many are outraged by this turn of events and still plan to show support in any way they can.


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