Woman Gives Cheating Boyfriend $550,000 In

Woman Gives Cheating Boyfriend $550,000 In Gifts, Gets Savagely Attacked In Return

A woman in China recently made headlines for taking her former boyfriend to court for brutally assaulting her after she asked for a “refund.”

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The woman, surnamed Li, from Beijing, started dating a man, surnamed Deng, in 2019. Li fell for the guy after he picked her up as a part-time ride-hailing driver. The two reportedly dated for two years and broke up in 2021.

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The reason behind their breakup was a horrible betrayal on Deng’s part. Li discovered him with another woman, only to further realize that they were living together.

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The two years of Li and Deng’s relationship involved the former buying luxury items like trainers and bags for her boyfriend, estimated to be worth CNY four million yuan ($553,000 USD). She also directly transferred nearly CNY two million yuan ($277,000 USD) to his bank account.

He hinted that if I wanted our romance to continue, I should continue to give him money and buy him nice things…He didn’t date me because of love, but just for the money.

— Li

After their breakup, when Li asked her former boyfriend to return the gifts and the cash, Deng flat-out refused. She then moved matters to the court, bringing a lawsuit against him. But this enraged Deng to such an extent that he turned up at her home and physically assaulted her.

He beat me so fiercely that I thought he intended to kill me.

— Li

The former boyfriend, however, claimed that the money was deposited to their joint account and meant to be spent together. He also said that some of the luxury items were used only when they were together, and she kept them with her while they were apart. Deng also accused Li of harassing him for “far too long.”

While Li wishes to get her money back from her ex-lover, Deng said he wishes to get her out of his life “forever.” He hasn’t, however, made any comment about the accusations of domestic violence against him.

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