A new star has started to

A new star has started to shine in Tri-us

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Namgung Hyun has announced a fresh start by signing an exclusive contract with Tri-us. On April 19, 2024, the music world was informed that the singer Namgung Hyun would begin a new musical journey with Tri-us. Namgung Hyun has proven his emotions and vocal skills by winning auditions and music festivals. Tri-us stated, “Namgung Hyun will join us with his exceptional passion and sincerity for music,” expressing their ambition to support his musical talent.

Namgung Hyun has already earned the nickname “the second Huh Gak” by appearing on Mnet’s ‘I Can See Your Voice 9’, and has won the love of the public by winning ‘Street Singer Season 2’, ‘2023 MBC Riverside Song Festival New Challenge’, and ‘The 27th Bomnae Music Festival’. His digital singles ‘Alone Through the Long Night’, ‘Look Into My Eyes and Tell Me’, and ‘The Day I Wait for You’ have stimulated listeners’ emotions, showcasing his potential as the next-generation balladeer.

Tri-us, a company with diverse artists like Baek Ji-young, Gilgu Bonggu, and Tak Song Yi, has made Namgung Hyun’s exclusive contract a topic of conversation among them. The reason for the anticipation of Namgung Hyun’s new start is not only because of his past achievements but also because of the expectation of what musical changes and growth he will show in the future.

Namgung Hyun’s musical journey has now entered a new phase with Tri-us. The combination of his musical talent and the support of Tri-us raises expectations for what fresh and touching music will be presented in the future. As the next-generation balladeer, all eyes are on what new stories Namgung Hyun will write, with fans focused on his next move.

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