Woman Caught On Video Killing Boyfriend

Woman Caught On Video Killing Boyfriend By Pouring Gasoline And Lighting Him On Fire — Netizens Celebrate

A man died in a gruesome death five days after his girlfriend lit him on fire – but why are netizens celebrating?

Death 5
Victim being carried out | udn

According to media reports, the incident occurred on April 9 in Taichung. The victim, a man with the last name Lee, wanted to bring his secret lover home but discovered his girlfriend, Xie, there. He came up with an excuse and asked her to go get gasoline for his vehicle.

Death 2
Police investigating the scene | Innews

However, when Xie returned, she discovered her boyfriend’s secret lover anyway, and the couple got into an argument. Lee reportedly provoked Xie and dared her to pour the gasoline on him several times.

Death 3
Crime scene | udn

The boyfriend got what he wanted. Xie poured the gasoline on him, which was captured in a video.

Woman pouring gasoline on her boyfriend in front of the white car | udn

Lee then entered his home, drenched in gasoline, with Xie following behind.

Boyfriend entering his home after having gasoline poured on him | udn

Xie ended up lighting him on fire inside the home with a lighter.

Death 6
Inside the home after the incident | NOWNEWS

Lee suffered 2nd to 3rd degree burns on 68% of his body and passed away after five days.

Death 4
Victim being carried out | udn

Following the news, netizens reacted positively and celebrated. But why? Aside from the claim that Lee was the one who provoked Xie, it has to do with another case that happened just a month earlier.

Death 7
Car accident on March 12 | NOWNEWS

On March 12, a 29-year-old man was killed after getting hit from behind while waiting at a red light.

Death 8
Car accident on March 12 | udn

Following the accident, the at-fault driver was seen casually having a smoke. Passersby also revealed he had a poor attitude and didn’t care for the victim.

Death 7
Car accident on March 12 | ETtoday

Later, the at-fault driver promised to meet with investigators but stood them up twice. The police eventually arrested him.

Death 9
Police arresting the perpetrator | udn

Eventually, it was revealed that the at-fault driver for the car accident in March and the deceased in the gruesome death in April were the same person. Netizens immediately reacted to this revelation.


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Instant karma. In March, 41-year-old man Lee killed an engineer after running a red light in Taichung. When he got out of his car to check, he was arrogantly smoking a cigarette and had no remorse. The public slammed him.

On April 9, Lee’s girlfriend found out he was cheating. Lee dared his girlfriend to pour gasoline on him and light him up, and his girlfriend ended up doing it. Lee became a fireball immediately and had 2nd degree burns on 68% of his body. He was declared dead after five days.

Netizens cheered and applauded upon hearing the news.

– Netizen

Death 10

  • “There’s a God. You have to pay for what you’ve done.”
  • “He has to pay the damages for the car accident. Go after his family, please and thank you.”
  • “Early cremation.”
  • “Deserved.”
  • “Big round of applause.”
  • “Good riddance.”

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Woman Caught On Video Killing Boyfriend By Pouring Gasoline And Lighting Him On Fire — Netizens Celebrate

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