How Big Ocean Record And Perform

How Big Ocean Record And Perform Music As K-Pop’s First Hearing-Impaired Boy Group

They just made their debut.

Big Ocean (also known as Big O!cean), K-Pop’s first group comprised of members with hearing impairment, has just made its debut with the digital single “Glow.”

(From L to R) Chanyeon, Hyunjin, and Jiseok of Big Ocean | @big_ocean.official/Instagram

The group is following all the typical steps of a K-Pop debut, including performing at music shows. Their ability to execute the song and choreography has created quite the buzz online, with many wondering how they manage it despite their disabilities.

In an interview with Korea Now, the members explained how they use different methods for practicing, filming music videos, and recording their songs. Jiseok admitted that getting the timing right is challenging for them, but they have staff members to guide them through it. During dance practices or recordings, someone visually keeps the beat with their hands so that the members can get it right. They also use screens in the practice room to flash the beats.

The members also use technology to help them sing the songs. While vocalizing, they use digital tuners to check their pitch, and after recording, the audio is mixed with the help of AI voice technology.

During music video shoots, staff members accompany the group to help interpret the directors’ instructions. However, the members also communicate using lip reading.

Jiseok also mentioned that due to their different hearing levels, it is difficult for the members to stay in sync while singing or dancing. So, they had to keep listening to the song on repeat and use tools that send vibrations to help them feel the rhythm in their bodies.

Hyunjin further explained that they also rely on the vibration felt through their footsteps to keep the tempo.

For music show performances, the group uses a special watch that vibrates on each beat to help the members stay on beat.

The hard work and perseverance that went in for this debut is undoubtedly remarkable. You can watch Big Ocean’s debut performance here:


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