Veteran 2, invited to Cannes Film

Veteran 2, invited to Cannes Film Festival’s Midnight Screening

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The sequel to Ryu Seungwan’s “Veteran,” titled “Veteran 2,” has officially been invited to one of the film industry’s most prestigious stages, the 77th Cannes Film Festival’s Midnight Screening section. This invitation is a significant achievement that proves the “Veteran” series is recognized not only in Korea but also on the global stage, signaling another positive development for the Korean film industry.

“Veteran 2” is a highly anticipated sequel that follows the success of its predecessor, which attracted 13.41 million viewers. The film features Hwang Jungmin returning as veteran detective Seo DoCheol and Jung Haein as the rookie detective Park SunWoo, teaming up to track down a serial killer. The Cannes Film Festival invitation was officially announced on April 11th, recognizing “Veteran 2” for its combination of artistic quality and mass appeal among a diverse selection of genres including action, fantasy, horror, noir, and thriller.

Director Ryu Seungwan is once again showcasing his directorial talents on the global stage with this invitation to the Cannes Film Festival. Ryu has previously been invited to Cannes with “Crying Fist” and has continued to work on a variety of genres with films like “The Smugglers,” “Mogadishu,” and “Battleship Island.” He expressed his honor in presenting “Veteran 2” at the Cannes Film Festival, attributing the achievement to the efforts of the cast and crew.

For Hwang Jungmin, this marks his third appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, while it will be Jung Haein’s first time walking the red carpet at Cannes. The powerful casting combination of the two actors and Ryu Seungwan’s flawless direction has heightened expectations for “Veteran 2.”

Meanwhile, CJ ENM, which took on the investment and distribution for “Veteran 2,” has set a record by bringing a total of 14 films to Cannes. This accomplishment serves as another testament to the global recognition of Korean cinema, with hopes that more Korean films will continue to excel on the world stage.

With the spotlight on director Ryu Seungwan and the cast’s efforts, “Veteran 2” is set for release in the second half of 2024. Film fans are eagerly awaiting the new chapter in action crime drama that they will bring.


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