“Unpretty Rapstar” Contestant Looks Unrecognizable 9

“Unpretty Rapstar” Contestant Looks Unrecognizable 9 Years After Show’s Conclusion

One word: WOW.

Kisum is a rapper who gained fans as a contestant on the popular survival show Unpretty Rapstar. She was part of the first season of the female-oriented rap show.

In 2015, she had a hip and cool style. She donned oversized shirts, heavy necklaces, baseball caps, and the like, putting on a traditional “rapper” persona.

Kisum in Unpretty Rapstar

Several years later, and she looks almost unrecognizable! Though she still loves wearing comfortable pants…

| @kisum0120/Instagram

…she is now donning skirts and dresses more often.

Kisum at present | @kisum0120/Instagram

She looked particularly different in the new teaser photos for her upcoming album. Here, she wore a little black dress that showed off her slim physique, something she did not wear in the past.

kisum0120_438796309_2405596729626210_1055806581682437361_n (1)
| @kisum0120/Instagram

Instead of her dyed short hair, she now has long black locks that frame her pretty features. Gone is her fierce rapper persona—she now has a softer and more gentle aura.

| @kisum0120/Instagram

One thing is certain: Kisum looks gorgeous from then until now!

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