The conflict between HYBE and Min

The conflict between HYBE and Min Hee-jin, the head of its subsidiary Adore, has rapidly become the latest hot topic in the South Korean entertainment industry

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This controversy goes beyond a simple internal dispute, potentially holding deep significance for the future of the country’s largest K-pop agency.

HYBE, known globally as the agency behind BTS, owes much of its success to Min Hee-jin’s creative ideas and strategies. After a dazzling career at SM Entertainment, Min joined HYBE and led the girl group NewJeans to success. However, the recent publicization of the conflict between the two parties has raised questions about the nature of their relationship, reminiscent of a divorce.

The main issue seems to revolve around allegations that Min attempted to illegally separate from HYBE, with the company claiming to have internal documents proving that Min conspired to take control of management. On the other hand, Min argues that HYBE is retaliating against her protests, pointing to the similarity issue between the rookie girl group ILLIT and NewJeans as a fundamental problem.

With the revelation of this conflict, the effectiveness of HYBE’s ‘multi-label system’ is being questioned, as the industry watches to see how this will affect its artists. Moreover, the fact that this internal discord has caused a significant hit to HYBE’s stock price, evaporating about 850 billion in market capitalization, suggests that this issue goes beyond mere internal conflict.

Whether NewJeans’ planned comeback will be affected by this dispute remains uncertain. However, this situation could serve as an opportunity to redefine relationships between various labels and artists within the K-pop industry. Everyone, from fans to industry insiders, is keenly watching how this conflict will be resolved and what new changes it may bring to the K-pop industry.


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