UNIS has successfully concluded their activities

UNIS has successfully concluded their activities for their first mini album ‘WE UNIS’

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On the afternoon of the 16th, through ‘The Show’ on SBS M and SBS FiL, they shone on stage with their title song ‘SUPERWOMAN’ and the track ‘Dopamine’. Particularly, this broadcast marked a grand finale in UNIS’s music broadcast activities.

UNIS captivated both the eyes and ears of the audience with the kitschy and lovely charm of ‘SUPERWOMAN’ and the powerful energy of ‘Dopamine’. Especially on the ‘Dopamine’ stage, the perfect harmony of the eight members and the changing choreography were impressive. Their unique performance became a hot topic among fans.

Since their debut in the music industry with ‘WE UNIS’ on the 27th of the last month, UNIS has continued active promotions centered around the title track ‘SUPERWOMAN’, achieving significant results in both music and album sales. This success proves their unique charm and musical capability that meets the expectations of the public.

On the same day of ‘The Show’, various artists including UNIS, NOWADAYS, DRIPPIN, Lucas, RESCENE, Xikers, Ampers&One, NCHIVE, ONF, EPEX, Candy Shop, CRAVITY, KISS OF LIFE, and Haneum took the stage, each presenting their unique performances.

The conclusion of UNIS’s activities has heightened anticipation for their next move. The diverse charms and energy shown by UNIS on stage through ‘WE UNIS’ have raised expectations for their future works. Fans are already looking forward to their next comeback, watching closely what UNIS will present to the public next.

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