“Coachella”‘s Instagram Post About LE SSERAFIM

“Coachella”‘s Instagram Post About LE SSERAFIM Gets Bombarded With Negative Comments Liked By Thousands

“Please HYBE teach them how to sing live.”

Coachella‘s latest post about LE SSERAFIM on their official Instagram account has become a space full of criticism of the group’s performance of “Fearless” as their live vocal controversy continues to be a hot topic within the K-Pop community.

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After their live show, Coachella’s official Instagram account posted a reel featuring LE SSERAFIM’s performance of “Fearless,” which attracted significant online traffic. While the post itself soared in popularity, amassing over 7.8 million views and surpassing 369,100 likes, the comments section told a different story.

A series of negative comments bombarded the post, putting the group’s vocal performance under harsh scrutiny. Fans and casual viewers alike expressed their opinions freely, calling into question the singing abilities of the group members. Making matters worse are the engagements the comments themselves pulled, as multiple replies have enjoyed tens of thousands of likes.

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| @voguejp/X (formerly known as Twitter) 

One user commented, “Their vocals are so bad,” while another suggested, “Dancers, not singers.” These blunt assessments were echoed across numerous comments, with many implying that the group was not ready for such a prestigious stage as Coachella. A suggestion for improvement also emerged, with one remark: “Please HYBE teach them how to sing live.

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Similar comments and replies shadowed LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella reel and their debut at the festival.

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However, not all comments criticized the group—some also pointed out the complexities of the choreography, which might have impacted the group’s live singing. One user noted, “Considering how hard this choreography is, they slayed the vocals. Chaewon literally sang while whipping her head.”

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While it’s not uncommon for artists to face challenges during live performances, especially on a platform as significant as Coachella, the comments were uninterested in such details as they focused on the readiness and fit of artists for festival stages. Some comments even drew comparisons to other K-Pop acts, suggesting a need for more seasoned groups at Coachella.

Meanwhile, Sakura has addressed the controversy and all criticisms in a recent post on Weverse. You can read all about it here:

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Addresses “Coachella 2024” Controversy In Heartfelt Post

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