TOZ’s Musical Journey: A New Chapter

TOZ’s Musical Journey: A New Chapter Begins

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In a recent revelation that has sent waves of excitement through the K-Pop community, TOZ, a boy group hailing from the sensational Mnet show ‘Boys Planet’, has unveiled the tracklist for their upcoming album ‘TO my new friends’. Through an official post on their SNS on April 22, TOZ (comprising members Anthony, Haruto, Yuto, Takaoto) teased fans with a glimpse into what promises to be a sonically rich and diverse offering.

The unveiled tracklist showcases a lineup of five songs, kicking off with ‘NU SHOES’ and followed by tracks such as ‘Turning Point’, ‘Hello to my world’, a narrative spun in a ‘Black Universe with a White Day’, and ‘Agit’. The spotlight shines bright on ‘NU SHOES’, the album’s title track, especially with Haruto’s involvement in the lyrics writing, marking a significant moment of member participation from the very outset of their official debut in Korea. The anticipation around a Japanese member penning Korean lyrics adds an intriguing layer of curiosity among fans.

Adding to the album’s allure is the collaboration with PAPERMAKER, a renowned name in the music production realm known for crafting hits with artists like Bang Yongguk, Park Jihoon, Kep1er, ZEROBASEONE, and GHOST9. Having previously contributed to TOZ’s pre-debut album ‘FLARE’, PAPERMAKER’s continued partnership with TOZ is a testament to the quality and musical depth expected from ‘TO my new friends’.

Comprised of the talented quartet Anthony, Haruto, Yuto, and Takaoto, TOZ has already made a mark with their presence on ‘Boys Planet’ and their subsequent debut in Japan with the album ‘Magic Hour’. Following its release, the group has engaged with fans through debut showcases and fan meetings in Japan. On May 24, 2024, TOZ is set to further connect with their Japanese audience through the ‘2024 TOZ 1st FANCON in JAPAN ’ in Tokyo.

Building on the momentum, TOZ announced their official Korean debut set for May 2, 2024, alongside the release of the Korean version of ‘Magic Hour’ last month. The group’s forthcoming activities in the Korean music scene are highly anticipated, signaling an exciting era for TOZ and their fans.

The new album ‘TO my new friends’ is slated for release at noon on May 2, 2024, across various online music platforms. As TOZ embarks on this new chapter, the fusion of their unique talents and the creative prowess of PAPERMAKER hints at a musical experience that will resonate deeply with fans and listeners alike. Stay tuned for what promises to be a captivating musical journey from TOZ, as they continue to navigate and redefine the landscapes of K-Pop.


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