K-Pop Fans’ Unserious Reactions To ADOR

K-Pop Fans’ Unserious Reactions To ADOR Vs. HYBE

All hell has broken loose at HYBE, as ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin feuds with the company. Despite the war in K-Pop, fans are taking to X (formerly Twitter) with their honest but hilarious reactions. Check some out below.

1. Who is having to stay up all night?

2. “Out of my mind…”

3. The tension has to be K-Drama level.

4. Welcome home?

5. Labelmates and staff interacting like…

6. Pretending to be staff and sneaking in to find out the real tea

7. Other K-Pop company CEOs be like…

8. The plagiarism in question:

9. R.I.P.

10. We need Soobin or someone to go live.

11. HYBE: Civil War

12. Can one own an aesthetic?

13. “Thanks for picking up my trash.”

14. The HYBE building hasn’t been this lit in a while.

15. Not even the sasaengs can tell us what’s going on now.

16. We rebuke this.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/memes-funny-reactions-ador-vs-hybe-drama/

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