The recent controversy surrounding the production

The recent controversy surrounding the production of “I Am Solo” has heated up the Korean entertainment industry

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Chonjang Entertainment has come forward to clarify several misunderstandings and suspicions through an official statement. This article will examine the essence of the controversy and the key points of Chonjang Entertainment’s clarification.

Chonjang Entertainment strongly denied reports that the production team, including producer Nam Gyu-hong, engaged in so-called power harassment. In particular, it refuted reports claiming the pursuit of high rerun fees, stating that none of the writers employed by Chonjang Entertainment are members of the Broadcasting Writers Association, so there have been no instances of rerun fee payments. Additionally, it clarified that producers also did not receive rerun fees, which has been a long-standing practice.

One of the core issues of this controversy was the problem of the existing convention of receiving rerun fees through the Broadcasting Writers Association and the rights of creators. Chonjang Entertainment highlighted that many domestic film directors are currently co-creating scripts with writers, and that there are specialized subtitle writers at broadcasting stations, indicating that the boundaries between producers and writers are becoming blurred in programs like “I Am Solo.”

The company also explained why the name of Nam Gyu-hong’s child appeared in the credits. This was because he actually took on a writer’s role, having been responsible for subtitles as a director in programs such as “Morning Wide” and “Stranger.”

Through this controversy, Chonjang Entertainment mentioned that a new copyright law reflecting the reality of the industry and the voices of creators is currently being discussed in the National Assembly. The company expressed hope for finding a new consensus that adapts to the changes of the times and continues the Korean Wave, aiming to resolve unnecessary conflicts.

Thus, Chonjang Entertainment has clearly stated its position regarding the controversy that arose during the production of “I Am Solo,” making efforts to dispel misunderstandings and suspicions. How this will change things moving forward and the reaction of the industry and viewers are keenly anticipated.


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