Popular Fifth-Generation Idol Exposed For Making

Popular Fifth-Generation Idol Exposed For Making Anti-Feminist Remarks During Livestream

“Crazy b#tches…”

QWER‘s Chodan is going viral for her previous statements on feminism.

Chodan | @choda._.n/Instagram

On April 10, a post titled “QWER Chodan’s Remarks On Feminists” went viral. In the post, the author uploaded several videos of Chodan livestreaming before debuting with QWER.

In one of her livestreams, Chodan speaks about not hiding the fact that she went to an all-women university. The idol then can be seen referring to feminists as “Crazy b#tches.”

Anyways… Uh… I’m not saying this because I am swayed by them, but I want to make things clear. People first told me to hide the fact that I went to a women’s university, but I didn’t because I knew something like this would happen. I’m not (a feminist). I’m just upset that I am being affected (negatively) by those crazy b#tches.

— Chodan

In another video, Chodan then states that she detested feminists after she had read a word that was a slur used towards men out loud.

Hey, stop! Shh, no! Don’t read it (chat)? Ok, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have read it. Since I really hate them (feminists), ew…

— Chodan

Netizens reacted to the post with overwhelming criticism of the idol.


  • “I am not that surprised since she was a livestreamer. She would have had to deny being a feminist even if she was one.”
  • “I just don’t understand why they are promoting in feminist online communities when they aren’t even targeting them.”
  • “She’s a livestreamer.”
  • “To be honest, the fact that she was a livestreamer is already, um…”
  • “What does she think feminism means? ㅠㅠ It’s so sad.”
  • “Wow, what is she saying?”
  • “I hope she dates an incel and has five of his children. I hope she supports him and stays home. Hope she is happy ^^.”
  • “I wish people would stop promoting them in this community. I am not curious to learn how many albums they’ve sold.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/qwer-chodan-anti-feminist-remark/

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