Stray Kids and NiziU Shine at

Stray Kids and NiziU Shine at ASEA 2024: A Triumph in Global Popularity

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In a dazzling display of global recognition, K-pop powerhouses Stray Kids and J-pop sensation NiziU clinched prestigious awards at the inaugural Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) 2024, marking a significant moment in the Asian entertainment landscape. The ceremony, which took place on April 10th at 5:30 PM, at the K Arena in Yokohama, Japan, brought together music, stars, and fans in a celebration of Asian pop culture’s vibrant dynamism.

The highlight of the evening was the fan-voted ASEA THE BEST GROUP category, where Stray Kids and NiziU were announced as the winners, a testament to their massive fanbase and influence across the globe. Stray Kids, in their acceptance speech, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards their agency JYP, Newsen, and AtStyle for their unwavering support, dedicating their victory to ‘Stay’, the official name of their fanbase. “This great honor is all thanks to Stay. We all want to express our gratitude to our fans,” they shared, highlighting the deep connection between the artists and their supporters.

NiziU, on the other hand, not only took home the ASEA THE BEST STAR JAPAN award but also achieved a double crown, further solidifying their status in the industry. Their win at ASEA 2024 was a moment of gratitude and love for their fans, showcasing the group’s humility and the strong bond they share with their audience.

The Asia Star Entertainer Awards 2024, hosted by South Korea’s leading entertainment and sports media outlet Newsen, in collaboration with the long-standing star & style online magazine AtStyle, and organized by the ASEA Organizing Committee and Japan’s JoJo Town, is a significant addition to the awards season, highlighting the growing global influence of Asian entertainment.

As Stray Kids and NiziU continue to captivate hearts worldwide, their success at ASEA 2024 not only celebrates their current achievements but also paves the way for their future endeavors in the global music scene. With their undeniable talent and the support of their fans, both groups are set to reach new heights, promising an exciting journey ahead for Asian pop culture. Stay tuned for more updates on these rising stars and their journey in the international music industry.


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