54-Year-Old Idol’s Skin-Exposing “No Bra” Look

54-Year-Old Idol’s Skin-Exposing “No Bra” Look Is The Result Of A Hard Diet Plan

She’s been killin’ it for decades.

Legendary idol and actress Uhm Junghwa just revealed the hard work she put in for her recent magazine shoot!

Uhm Junghwa | ELLE Korea

Active in the industry since 1989, Uhm Junghwa has been an icon for multiple decades. Recently, she was introduced to a new population of fans through the drama series Doctor Cha. 

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One thing many love about the star is her gorgeous visuals. At 54 years old, Uhm Junghwa looks years younger, often showing off her hard-earned figure in performances and photoshoots.

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Uhm Junghwa and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa (right)

Recently, the idol was on the cover of the March edition of Vogue Korea, where she sported several looks, including a top and a dress with plunging necklines.

| Vogue Korea
| Vogue Korea
| Vogue Korea

In early April, the star shared a vlog detailing her spring activities, including the photoshoot for Vogue. While preparing in the morning, Uhm Junghwa showed her skincare routine, including a two-step serum and a gua sha on her face, neck, and chest.

As she showed how she used the gua sha, she mentioned that she last ate more than 24 hours ago in preparation for the photoshoot!

Luckily, with how healthy the star is known to be, this was likely just done for this occasion, her first Vogue Korea cover. We also have to admit she looked happy and confident with her results in the behind-the-scenes clip from the photoshoot!

You can check out her vlog below.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/uhm-jung-hwa-diet-fasting-no-bra-fashion-look/

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