Song Kang Ho Is A Strategist

Song Kang Ho Is A Strategist Who Can Grasp Situations Quickly In Upcoming Drama “Uncle Samsik”

Upcoming Disney+ drama “Uncle Samsik” has shared new stills of Song Kang Ho!

“Uncle Samsik” is a drama that tells the story of the ambitions and bromance of two men, Uncle Samsik and Kim San, who survived the turbulent period of the early 1960s in Korea.

Even before its premiere, “Uncle Samsik” has been garnering attention both domestically and internationally for being the first-ever drama series starring actor Song Kang Ho, the first Korean male ever to win an acting award at the Cannes Film Festival. Song Kang Ho, who is known for showing unique acting transformations in each of his works, is set to showcase another side of himself in the upcoming series as he takes on the role of Park Doo Chil, a character unlike any he has ever played before.

Park Doo Chil, who is nicknamed Uncle Samsik because he managed to feed his family three meals a day even during wartime (the phrase “samsik” can mean “three meals” in Korean), is a strategist who has the ability to accurately read people’s desires, quickly assess situations, and formulate meticulous plans.

Ever since his childhood, Park Doo Chil has had to fight for his survival, using any means necessary to make ends meet. Upon meeting Kim San, an ambitious young man with dreams similar to his own (played by Byun Yo Han), he begins to make grand plans to help fulfill those dreams.

The newly released stills give a glimpse of the different sides of Uncle Samsik. In the first photo, he exudes a warm and friendly aura as he smiles brightly, while in another, he appears to be secretly strategizing his next move. In yet another photo, he is captured staring off into the distance with an inscrutable expression on his face.

Commenting on his character in “Uncle Samsik,” Song Kang Ho shared, “‘Uncle Samsik’ is a character that is hard to define in one word. He’s a kind of character I have never portrayed before in my acting career.”

On how he prepared for his first-ever drama role, Song Kang Ho remarked, “I approached the role with the attitude of a rookie, learning and working diligently. I worked fiercely and passionately.”

Director Shin Yeon Shick commented, “Actor Song Kang Ho has portrayed a variety of characters in a variety of genres up until now. In ‘Uncle Samsik,’ he captured even deeper emotions and a wide variety of aspects of life.”

“Uncle Samsik” will premiere on May 15.

In the meantime, watch Song Kang Ho in “A Taxi Driver” below:

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