Sasaeng Repeatedly Calls SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Sasaeng Repeatedly Calls SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Today, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu held two live broadcasts via Weverse. He communicated with his fans while eating his meals.

Unfortunately, his second meal was interrupted.

Mingyu kept getting phone calls from a sasaeng (stalker fan) throughout the Weverse Live. By the fourth call, he sighed, exhausted, as it had even caused the Weverse Live to freeze. So, Mingyu politely asked the sasaeng to stop. Sasaeng is a Korean word originating from “sa” (사), meaning “private,” and “saeng” (생), meaning “life,” referring to fans’ invasion into idols’ private lives.

Stop it, really…

— Mingyu

Still, Mingyu continued the live broadcast, attempting to enjoy his meal with CARATs. He told them it was better than eating alone.

Eventually, Mingyu turned on airplane mode so that he wouldn’t be able to receive calls. Again, he addressed the sasaeng, saying they must be bored.

I got confused thinking turning on the airplane mode would turn off Wi-Fi … It’s all good now.

— Mingyu

Mingyu reassured his fans that everyone was okay and that they could continue the Weverse Live without interruptions. He even told the viewers to talk kindly in the comments, as many were angry at the sasaeng.

[CARATs] can stop talking about it [the calls] now. It’s okay, it’s okay. Kind words, kind words.

— Mingyu

While Mingyu found a solution to the problem after a while, CARATs have brought up other options. Many are frustrated that management hasn’t been more directly involved in protecting their artists from unwanted calls.

This isn’t the first time Mingyu’s live broadcasts have been interrupted by sasaengs‘ calls. Last year, a similar incident occurred, and he politely asked them to stop, saying the live broadcast would lag if they continued.

Mingyu is so nice, even in uncomfortable situations. If Hoshi or Jeonghan had been there with him, they would have called out the sasaengs! Read more below.

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